- Swift, Voltaire, Birds of Paradise (November 2011) -

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Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift
(Folio Society 2011, limited edition of 1000 copies)

The label on the Solander Box

The Solander Box, bound in Buckram.

Cover of the vellum-bound book

Shiny metal foils used like in Wind in the Willows

End papers

The limitation page and signed etching by the illustrator

Title page

Most illustrations follow a magnificent green/red colour palet

That's a lot of binding and paper information!

The vellum bound back...

...and end tips

Not printed but real gold leaf used here it seems...

When combined with the other three Folio Society Limited Editions in this series, it is quite a set!
I still love The Wind in the Willows most though...

Voltaire - Candide
illustrated by Quentin Blake

(folio Society 2011, Limited Edition of 1000 copies)

The slipcase

And the Quentin Blake text on the binding

The title page

The title page with the limitation number and Quentin Blake authograph.

The pages are more squarish than in a normal book

Yes, Blake is a master.

Sturdy binding that will survive a few centuries I guess.

Edward Lear - The Parrots &
John Gould - The Family of Toucans

(Regular editions of unbound plates in a box by Tashen)

Not a limited Folio Edition, but nice enough to include anyway: The Parrots and Toucans published by Taschen.
I hope they will do more in the future

Opening the Toucans box reveals a booklet (left) and the first plates (right)

The toucan illustrations by John Gould are not printed to Folio Society L.E. standards, but then again the price is ony
about 15% of a F.S. edition, so I'm not complaining. Combined with a Bone Clones cast of a Black Hornbill skull here...

...that normally sits on another bookshelf.

Sharpe's Birds of Paradise
(Folio Society, Limited Edition of 1000 copies)

The Folio Society edition of the Birds of Paradise by  Sharpe is one of the most breathtaking facsimiles of the great 19th
century works on Natural History I've ever seen. I hope F.S. will do "The Mamals of Australia" by Gould one day.

The slipcase and text volume

The cover of the book in the slipcase is blocked in a great design of one of the birds

The colophon / limitation page

Great that the Folio Society was able to commission David Attenborough to do the foreword

Wow, look at that size! (compare with the normal Parker pen)

Wonderful paper

The colours are so deep and strong they almost come free of the page they are printed on

Once again quality binding

Arabian Nights
(Easton Press regular edition in 17 volumes)
Sir Richard Burton translation, bound in leather

I Bought this Easton Press Arabian Nights set some years ago and decided to take some pictures of the volumes while I was
doing the Folio Society Limited Editions anyway.

Bound in leather blocked in gold and black, all edges gilded

Two-colour printing in many places in the set

Ending the series with some Somso funghi models that sit in front of a great series of "Baskerville Edition" classics from the
Dutch publisher Athenaeum-Polak & Van Gennep.

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Part 1

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Funghi

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