- David Roberts and Vincent van Gogh (July 2010) -

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The Holy Land and Egypt and Nubia
(Folio Society, limited edition of 1000 copies)

Two large tomes in slipcases

The cover of the books themselves is printed in gold and black. Forgot to photograph the top edge of the books; these are gilded
At the top of the image you can see two of the nice looking entrance tickets to the national Dutch museum of Antiquities,
RMO (Rijksmuseum voor Oudheden) in Leiden. They don't own "just" a reproduction, but a complete & original Nubian temple. :-)

The (by now) famous "sag protectors" in the slipcases. These should help keeping the books in shape.

My copies have the limitation number 24 (out of 1000)

The Colophon

Just some size comparison to a bookmark and a pencil.

The frontispiece

So many lithographs! And that's only "Egypt and Nubia". Even more in "The Holy Land".

Many, many breathtaking full-sized lithographs at near original size.

The isle of Philae. Forgive the yellowish lighting; i should do my photographing at daytime, not in the evening.

Incredible print quality...

The last picture I took of "Egypt and Nubia". Now on to "The Holy Land"

This volume also has a ribbon page marker.

Quite different images in this volume. More landscapes, less architecture. But still worthy of about an hour of study per litho.

The cover of "The Holy Land" volume.

Sturdy binding...

Vincent van Gogh - The Letters
(VCvG, De Brieven in Dutch)

A great recent project by the Van Gogh Museum and several universities and publishers: The Complete Letters by Van Gogh,
published in six volumes and with reproductions of every single work of art Van Gogh discusses or mentions
in his letters to (mostly) his brother Theo. Heavy to lift boxed set...

BTW: it's available in Dutch (my edition), English and French. Should be reprinted by Thames and Hudson
publishers for the English edition this year.

The boxed set...

Easy to take out...

Two of the volumes taken out.

Size comparison with the trusty old pencil and WWF-bookmark again ;-) Check the facsimile letter reproductions...

And the great works by Vincent

Sketches by the master...

If a work of art is mentioned again by Vincent later on, it's displayed along with the transcribed the letter as a thumbnail.
First time, it's reproduced in large format.

The boxed set once again, along with my Somso "The Development of Hat Fungi"-model.

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