- Some of my newest special books (June 2009) -

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H. Walter Lack: Alexander von Humboldt and the Botical Exploration of the Americas
(Prestel Press, purchased through Folio Society)

Slip case

Fine green linnen...

Herman Melville: Moby Dick
(Folio Society - Limited Edition of 1750 prints)

Solander box covered with buckram, containg both the book and the commentary volume

The leather bound book in the solander box

Silver on the top edge of the paper

Great illustrations. Also shows the commentary volume.

William Shakespear: King Lear
(Folio Society - Limited Edition of 3750 prints)
I also have Hamlet and Macbeth in a similar edition

The solander box

Inside the box is the leather bound book, with a cover of specially created (and unique for every book) marbled paper
The commentary volume is also in the box.

The book is printed on hand-milled paper, and printed in letterpress
(meaning actual lead letters were used in the process)

Maria Sibylla Merian: The Surinam Album
aka: Metamorphosis insectorum Surinamensium
(Folio Society - Limited Edition of 1000 prints - long out of print, bought at a UK second hand book store)
My most expensive book-purchase ever. Nicely complements The Temple of Flora I bought earlier this year.

A huge solander box, almost 60 cm high. Covered in green buckram.

On opening reveals the nigerian goat-leather bound book, with a wonderful cover design.
Also contains the commentary volume, and three seperate prints

Detail of the cover. Blocked in gold and silver.

Beneath the huge tome is the small commentary volume.

The book. Look at that size!

Open, with the commentary volume on top

One of the 90+ prints, that are all attached to the pages manually.


Maria Sibylla Merian was a painting genius

Another example of a plate from The Surinam Album

Kenneth Grahame: The Wind in the Willows
(Folio Society - Limited Edition of 1000 prints - Ordered and then waited half a year for it to arrive just before Christmas)
I think this is my most beautiful book. I really love it and have to look at it every few weeks

The solander box covered in soft green linnen cloth


Opens up to reveal the book, and the special "letter" from Mr. Toad, recommending the book
(the letter was part of the prospectus by the Folio Society, but it's so nice I keep it with the book)

Inside the letter

The gold-blocked cover of the book. The spine of the book is made from Vellum (Perkament)

The inside of the cover, a view of Toad Hall, letter-press printed into special paper

The next page reveals a hand-printed engraving, individually numbered and signed by the artist,
Charles van Sandwyk

The title page. Can it get any better?

Chapter two. More Charles van Sandwyk illustrations. There are dozens of them in this book.

Some non-limited edition, but stil very nice new books
(Folio Society - Bram Stoker's Dracula and Newton's Principia Mathematica)

Dutch quality printing
(Lord Byron and Lewis Carroll in the "Gouden Reeks" (golden editions) by Athenaeum publishers)

Alice in Wonderland has the original illustrations

The book and the commentary volume

The inside is simple and classic.

Baskerville Reeks
(My ever increasing collection of Baskerville Edition classics, also by Athenaeum publishers -
The beige/white books now take up over two meters of shelf space)

Complete Gouden Reeks
(My 100% complete Gouden Reeks - Golden Editions. Makes me very happy to look at, since many of
them are out-of-print, and rare. Bought them all at Spijkerman's excellent bookshop in Eindhoven)

That's all for now! More in a few months time ;-)

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